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What The Devil!


Wearable head (paper-mache/paperclay)


 This work was created as part of the "Not So Public Assembly"  project, an exhibition of online and physical artworks made in association with The National Gallery, London's Learning and National Programmes and  UAL: Central Saint Martins BA Fine Art programme.

This project discussed the public spaces of culture - their nature, collections, social and cultural responsibilities, their histories and possible futures.

"Not So Public Assembly" proposed a new, speculative wing of The National Gallery which combined contemporary and historical works.


"What the Devil!" was an amalgamation of sculpture and performance exploring themes of carnival and masquerade through the use of the Devil, a character who has escaped from the painting "Saint Michael Triumphs over the Devil" (1468). This is a work by Bartolome Bermejo that can be found in The National Gallery. As the Devil, the artist surveys the world beyond the gallery space, bringing the inside out. 


The live performance reflected a narrative arc in which the Devil explores three locations. Beginning in Trafalgar Square he emerges from the National Gallery. The Devil then moves on to St.James' Park to explore the natural scenery and finally he ends his journey wondering from parliament back down the embankment towards his home at Trafalgar Square.  

The Devil


Short film, 2 minutes

Edited by Charlie Chopping 

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