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Amelia Johnson (b.1999) is an emerging artist based in Kent. Johnson focuses upon the use of papier-mâché and air drying clays to sculpt colourful and comical characters.

Through the lens of humour Johnson addresses a multitude of social issues in a light-hearted manner that detracts from the intensity of the stigma surrounding the topics. The works play with elements of the Carnivalesque, such as masquerade, the grotesque body and the relationship between the mundane and the absurd; the outcomes of which often display qualities of the Uncanny. Johnson's most recent body of work was focused on social landscapes, negotiating observations of the human condition within the context of the Great British seaside. 

Johnson is a recent BA Fine Art graduate from Central Saint Martins. In 2022 she completed a Diploma in Professional Studies for Fine Art and alongside her studies Johnson has also been involved in exhibitions and art competitions throughout her career. Furthermore Johnson has been creating public artworks in Dover with Future Foundry, a creative enterprise aiming to support young people and the community. Here, Johnson worked in a team to bring large wearable animal lanterns and giant wearable papier-mâché puppets to life. Community based social engagement is a core value in Johnson's practice, and often supports Future Foundry with creative workshops for the public.

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